About The Creative Vinyasa Flow - Yoga Thai Bety Papadopoulou

About The Creative Vinyasa Flow

There is nothing static in life. Every cell of our body breaths, vibrates, contracts and expands every single moment.
There is a rhythmic pulsation in every breath and heartbeat. Pulsation is the rhythm of life.
Our body is a huge puzzle of trillions of cells and atoms that exist in a wavy field of infinite possibilities.

When I create a vinyasa, I feel that I create a sacred dance, because for me asanas are a way to invoke Love.
The asanas breath, pulsate, unfold like a serpent, move in waves, evolve in the different rhythm of the elements of life,
expressing our inner subtle reality, our energy body.

Creative Flow honors alignment as the base in which we can feel grounded and safe enough to move freely and enjoy our body.
I continue to explore in order to further my understanding of the body mechanics and it's anatomy. 

Having set the safe space that alignment offers, we can learn to let ourselves find the organic movement that opens our body
and liberates our heart from judgments and fears, we can innovate and explore new and creative series of asanas.

Creative Flow combines movement with breath. We breathe as we move, we move as we breath, in an ongoing yoga - dance
that celebrates freedom of movement and personal expression.