Ying Yoga - The Sacred Ceremony - Yoga Thai Bety Papadopoulou

Ying Yoga - The Sacred Ceremony

In Yin Yoga, we hold the poses for a longer time than usual awakening to the more yin qualities of the self.
As we stretch into a pose and let go, we address mostly the connective tissue and the ligaments of the body. 

In the modern world, we find that many yang patterns and the archetype of the "warrior" are quite predominant.
We are "dreaming" of another reality in which we might find more happiness, we struggle to change what is...

As we soften into our heart and body tissues we become more ready to simply flow with life. Our muscles relax,
our fascia becomes more elastic and plastic. The heart softens. 

Yin Yoga is a beautiful ceremony. It vibrates to different rhythms and traditions, recites poetry, follows our heartbeat
and it's subject is always Love.


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