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Uganda / Act4joy

For 4 years (2006 - 2010) I had been cooperating with “Child Care Foundation”, a local N.G.O. in Uganda with which we developed
a “You Create Your Own Reality” program for the children and the youth of the area.

The program was funded by the trust of many friends, embraced and funded by the Greek N.G.O “Love people” and empowered
by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The program aimed to the educational and personal development of the children and
the youth of the area, through empowerment, creative art, music, traditional African dance, development of professional skills,
the creation of fairytales, reinforcement of school education, growing food and autonomy.

I have also worked for one year for the N.G.O “Love People”, helping their work in Burundi.
I also created the N.G.O “Act4Joy”.

The escalation of the economic crisis in Greece forced me to gradually withdraw my involvement from Kamuli, Central East Uganda.

“My intention was only to empower, never to patronize people. To exchange seeds of creativity with some of their astonishing beauty, freedom and authentic joy. And to simply remind them that their shamanic nature will never be captured and satisfied by the Western material world they dream for themselves”.