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Your Thoughts...

Armando Disanto :

" Betty's powerfull teachings and energy constantly manifest in my daily practice, donating a precious light into my path and reminding me constantly the universal law of trust.

She has a natural talent towards teaching that goes beyond sharing her wide knowledge and the sacred practice of thai massage, and reaches your daily spiritual practice, where her words stay present. "


Bojan Babic :

" A few words to describe Betty are not enough... The rich pallet of experience and talents that she wisely and playfully brings into every yoga or thai massage practice is always a very reassuring, deepening and enriching experience. Well rooted to the earth and connected to the sky, with a wide smile Betty opens the doors to a dance like creative flow, connecting to life in its full glory. Cutting through banality and holding the space for spiritual growth to take place in its widest range of expression, she invites to a dance... A dance of envisioning our true nature... A dance of acceptance, fulfillment and peace..." 


Αναστασία Παπαδούλη :

" Από τα πιο όμορφα πλάσματα που κυκλοφορούν ανάμεσα μας. Σε κάθε συνάντηση με τη Μπέτυ βρίσκεις μια ανοιχτή καρδιά γεμάτη αγάπη, έμπνευση, θεραπεία, δημιουργικότητα, μαγεία. Ένα υπέροχο απελευθερωτικό ταξίδι, μια βαθιά βιωματική εμπειρία που αξίζει να ζεις."