Advanced Thai Massage Course - "Thai Massage Balancing through Chinese Medicine" / July 27 - August 03, 2019 @ Re-Green EcoCulture Center, Greece - Yoga Thai Bety Papadopoulou

Advanced Thai Massage Course - "Thai Massage Balancing through Chinese Medicine" / July 27 - August 03, 2019 @ Re-Green EcoCulture Center, Greece

Thai Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine come from different perspectives of Eastern Healing Arts. However, they share a similar philosophy: they both address to the natural forces of the person and the self-healing processes...

The idea of this course in Advanced Thai Massage, is to merge the basic principles of Chinese Medicine (CM) with the practice of Thai Massage (TM).

Knowing and having practised the Thai techniques, the basic principles of Channel Theory according to CM, come to enhance the massage practice through the understanding of the qualities of Qi (energy) and the flow of Qi in the “energy channels” (so-called meridians) running along the body. This merging leads to the enrichment of the TM practice since the practitioner will have the tool to work with all the basic qualities of Qi. The result of such a work is the balancing of the Qi of the “receiver”. Hence, the experience of TM practice for both the “giver” and the “receiver”, is changing. For the practitioner, it is the feeling and the awakening of the natural qualities & forces during the treatment, for the receiver is the sense of general balance, through the work on his/her nature.

This will be an especial experience for both who participate in the harmonic movement of Thai Massage. 

Course Contents:

5 Phases (Elements), 12 Channel System (Meridians), Vital Organs:

 •  Explain their functions in all different levels and all different "bodies"
 •  Physiology
  Energy movement
Contribution to the whole mind-body-spirit system
Energetics that rule their function
Basic Nutrition rules
Massaging the vital Organs and their corresponding Meridians
A variety of body "touching" techniques and their connection with the Elements
Advanced Thai Massage

Yin & Spiritual Medicine:

  Yin yoga, work in couples, practices of self-growth,  practices that will help us dive deeper into the real meaning of accompanying and facilitating another. 

We will also learn some more advance TM techniques, advance in the sense that they require precision, clear intention and a deeper understanding of the practice and its philosophy.

All the above will be accompanied by a lot of Qi Kong, in order to experience Qi and the Elements in our own body, understand their nature and how we can incorporate them in our Thai Massage dance.

The Course will be held at the wonderful Re-Green EcoCulture Center, in Seliana - Arkadia, Greece.

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